Holly Lombardo Travel Co. Promise

Save Time

For even the most experienced traveler, sifting through infinite travel options can be overwhelming and take hours and hours of time. Based on the honest advice of a well-traveled expert, Holly will work with you to find a hotel, resort, villa, or cruise line that is the perfect fit for your travel goals and price point.


Superior Service

You will receive special attention and care with a meticulous attention to details. As you travel your path, rest assured Holly is at your side ensuring you receive exceptional service from your first contact to the last flight home. Your journey is her top priority so that you enjoy each moment of your is the perfect fit for your travel goals and price point.

Opened Doors

With over 2000 hotel, resort, villa, and cruise line partners, she has the global connections and trusted industry relationships that lead to personalized service and special experiences that cannot be accessed on your own. Her clients are always warmly welcome no matter where in the world they travel. All recommendations have been vetted for exceptional quality and service, saving you time, and removing risk.

Elevate your Travel Experience

You understand that extraordinary journeys are not simply a product of dollar and cents, nor are they pre-packaged and pulled off the rack. Life adventures are meticulously crafted with imagination, creativity, attention to detail, persistence, and insider knowledge. You can rely on Holly Lombardo Travel Co. to get you there.